If you have never received a massage before you may not know what to expect. It’s quite simple and painless!
  • When you arrive you will be asked to fill out a form that gives me some information about you and what issues you are having that brought you to my office. We will go over your concerns together and then decide on the best way to conduct the massage.
  • room-chalkboardI will then leave the room while you get undressed and onto the massage table under the sheet. During the massage the only part of your body that will be exposed is the part I am working on. Everything else will be covered with the sheet.
  • As the massage progresses we will figure out together the amount of pressure that works best for you. The amount of pressure that is right for you is at a place where you feel the pressure but you can still relax with it. If your body is tensing up, the pressure is too deep. If you don’t really feel anything, the pressure is too light. The goal of the massage is to make you feel relaxed, not like you’ve been hit by a truck!
  • If we have decided to go with a full body massage I will start with you lying face down. Once I have worked your back, hips and back of the legs you will roll over onto your back and I will work your neck, arms, and front of the legs finishing the massage with your feet.
  • If we have decided on a more specific type of massage I will explain what that will involve before you get on the table.
  • When the massage is over I will again step out of the room while you get dressed. When you are ready I will tell you anything I may have noticed during the massage.
  • Finally, payment (see our rates) and we’ll get you scheduled for your next massage. Painless!