Deirdre Karger, Certified Bulletproof Coach
Deirdre Karger, RMT, Certified Bulletproof Coach
Do you find there are things you want to accomplish, but never seem to get started? Are some of your relationships always swirling with drama? Do you go through your day working hard just to remember what you are supposed to be doing? Are you mentally “done” by day’s end? Or perhaps sooner? These are but a few symptoms of an undernourished brain and an unmanaged mind. A sluggish, foggy brain is a disability that can prevent you from even comprehending something’s wrong! Never fear. There are some wonderful nutritional and environmental hacks you can employ to get your brain functioning the way it was intended. Your mind is “the seat of consciousness, the essence of your being” according to an article written by Olivia Goldhill. However, your mind is spending a lot of its time unmanaged. Meaning it is thinking thoughts you may not even be aware of. Those thoughts are what keep you from living up to your full potential. I can help you learn to manage your mind and (literally) feed your brain. Together we can discover what your mind is doing when it thinks you aren’t looking. We can figure out what food your brain is craving but not getting. With a managed mind, and a well fed brain, I believe you can accomplish the things that felt so elusive before. Here are some options for working with me:

Flow Coaching Package (5 or 10 pack available)

60 minute coaching sessions where we;
  • start to identify the thoughts that are holding you back
  • create strategies for gaining control of your thoughts and mind
  • take a look at what you are doing to feed your brain
  • set goals for what you want to accomplish in your life
These sessions can be done in person or over Skype.

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Jump Start Coaching Intensives

Have you recently decided to get a divorce, or maybe it just became final? Did you lose (or quit) your job? Has something monumental happened in your life? Are you ready to jump-start the next chapter in the story of you? Great! Let’s get started. A Jump Start Intensive is perfect for when life has thrown you a loop and the choice is to get bogged down in a pity party that just won’t end, OR to channel the energy of change and do some powerful work towards fulfilling your life’s potential. What is involved in this 2-week commitment?
  • An initial one-hour coaching consult to find out where you are and where you think you want to go.
  • Week One: Five consecutive days of coaching, 1.5 hours each day. Unlimited email access.
  • Week Two: Three days of coaching, 1 hour each day. Unlimited email access
At the end of week two we will reassess and see what your needs are going forward. These sessions can be done in person or over Skype.

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Surgery Recovery Care Package (5 or 10 pack available)

Recovering from surgery is hard. It’s painful, your sleep is disrupted, emotions are running amok, your brain is foggy and you are second guessing if it was worth it. Add to that the tendency to “grin and bear” it and it’s a wonder anyone makes it through with their sanity intact. Deirdre Karger, Certified Bulletproof Coach™ will help guide you to solutions to the things that are making you crazy.
  • Sleep: Healing happens when you sleep. If you aren’t sleeping, the healing process takes longer.
  • Pain: Management of post-surgery pain is challenging. Pain medications can cause problems of their own but pain needs to be controlled so you can sleep, eat, and move through your recovery.
  • Emotions: Pain and lack of sleep can play games with your emotions. You may feel weepy, frustrated and angry but don’t want to burden your caretaker any more than they already are with your problems.
Massage, Reiki and coaching can help you deal with all these issues in ways that are productive and healthy. The Surgery Recovery Care Package is 90 minutes of goodness focused on you that will include a combination of the following;
  • Massage: Great for stress and pain relief.
  • Reiki: Relaxing and healing on an energetic level
  • Coaching: A chance to let all those pent up frustrations and emotions out in a productive manner.
This type of work is best done consistently over a period of weeks, or months. Recovery is tricky with things changing from one day to the next throughout the process. With each session we build on the last and address new issues that arise. So plan on committing to at least 5 sessions for an optimal outcome.

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Marvelous Massage Package (5 or 10 pack available – locals only, unless you want to pay my travel expenses so I can visit you on a tropical island…) 30, 60 or 90 minute packages for relaxing, nurturing massage tailored to your specific needs and desired outcomes.