Hey there budding BadAss!

I’m Deirdre, BadAss activating Flow coach.

 I would like to invite you to join me for a free

10 Day

Awareness Challenge for Budding BadAsses,

Monday, Nov. 6-15.


What the heck is a BadAss activation?

It is the process of finding your inner BadAss and bringing her out into the light. This involves:
  • Learning how to be radically self-responsible.
  • Getting to know EVERY part of yourself, the good, the bad and the not so attractive and then learning to accept and love all those parts.
  • Committing to raising your level of consciousness because if we are going to collectively, as a species, raise our level of consciousness we have to be doing it individually.
  •  Doing the deep work, digging into your shit and getting rid of the super smelly stuff you don’t need anymore.
The first part of a BadAss activation involves awareness of the unconscious thoughts you are having that are running your life. These are thoughts you have been having for so long  and so often they have become your default setting. You may not even know what they are but they are causing you to feel  certain ways which causes you to behave in certain ways and you’ve probably noticed that some of those behaviors aren’t working for you any more. The 10 day Awareness Challenge involves you becoming conscious of those unconscious thoughts, which sounds challenging and it is, hence the challenge! It’s going to be hard but once you find that awareness muscle it gets easier as the muscle gets stronger. It’ll be messy, beautiful fun!

What’s involved?

Each day of the challenge you will receive an email from me explaining the challenge of the day. I will also be throwing in some podcast recommendations, some book recommendations, an anecdote or two about how I started to become aware of my thoughts and other fun stuff. There will also be an exclusive FB group where you can connect with other challengers and discuss what’s up for you. And at the end of the 10 days there will be a special bonus for those who make it all the way through…. it’s a good one too.

Go ahead….do it!

Its time to activate your inner BadAss and this challenge is the perfect place to ease into it so sign up and I will see you on November 6th!

Budding BadAsses sign up here!

I can’t wait to connect with you on November 6th!