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What’s going on with you?

Are you in the middle of some crisis involving ennui, restlessness, personal disaster after personal disaster?

Are you experiencing a desire to shake up everything in your life and start anew?

Are you becoming uncomfortably aware of how much chaos goes on in your mind?

Does it feel like there has to be a better way but you can’t quite see what that would be?


These are all good signs that you are ready to take things to the next level and do some evolving (not just for monkeys and single cell bacteria anymore).

The question is HOW are you going to do this without losing your mind and everything else in the process?

A life coach is a good option for helping you navigate change and in case you are wondering why here are 4 excellent reasons:

An unsupervised mind is a place that you should only venture into with a travel buddy. Not alone, not if we want to come out in one piece. Most of what your mind does is subconscious. These subconscious machinations are responsible for some of your most fucked up behaviors and actions. When you are trying to become aware of what your mind is doing you need someone on the outside as a spotter.As your coach, I will point out those unconscious thoughts as they scoot past so you can get a grip on them and start to tame them. I am an excellent spotter.

Being accountable to someone other than yourself for meeting goals or making changes increases your chances of success. I am really easy on myself whenever I am trying to do something new, “Oh, you don’t want to take that next step towards reaching your goal? That’s cool, eat some chocolate and binge watch Netflix instead.” But if someone else is paying attention to what I’m doing and I’m paying them to pay attention I am more likely to actually do the things I agreed to do. I am a fierce accountability partner who will hold you to your goals.

In my 21 years of being a massage therapist, the biggest thing I have learned is that people want to be heard. (The second thing is that everyone has a knot on their right shoulder blade… everyone.) Our culture is terrible at actually listening to what others have to say, instead, we are thinking about what we are going to say next. Very few of us feel like we are being heard. When someone actually listens to you without judgment all kinds of revelations occur. Plus you learn to start listening to yourself. I am trained to actually listen to what you are saying, to hear you and to help you hear yourself.

When you are ready to create a new life for yourself it is way more fun to brainstorm and come up with new ideas with someone else. Doing it all by your lonesome is kind of sad. When you come up with the best idea ever who do you tell? Someone who is a sounding board, a steerer and a cheerleader that’s who. I  love to be sounding boards, I have an excellent sense of direction and I know all the best cheers by heart. (I usually have chocolate too, just sayin’.)

What are you waiting for?

Coaches aren’t just for sports teams anymore. Why do this new chapter in your life alone when you can have help along the way from someone who will listen without judgment, help you reach your goals and keep you on a path, whatever that path may be?

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